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    Engineer Support Service

    Our product design and development team is committed to providing innovative solutions for custom silicone products. We collaborate closely with our clients to transform their unique ideas and specific requirements into reality.

    Our designers possess extensive experience and profound technical knowledge They are well-versed in the characteristics and applications of silicone materials enabling them to leverage their advantages and deliver exceptional product designs. Whether it’s creative design from scratch or improvements and optimizations to existing products, we are equipped to provide professional support and recommendations.

    Prototype Development

    Prototype development plays a crucial role in the development process of organic silicone products. It not only allows you to validate and optimize designs but also provides an opportunity for practical testing and evaluation. While viewing design son a screen has its limitations, having an actual silicone prototype allows you to better understand its appearance, dimensions, and functionality.

    Services we offer include: Mold design and manufacturing, CNC machining and milling, Tool surface treatment, Prototype fabrication, Customized branding

    Our team of prototype design experts possesses extensive experience and technical knowledge. Equipped with an in-house workshop, we provide a comprehensive one-stop solution for prototype development, ensuring high quality and timely delivery.

    Silicone Molding Production

    grow-sillicone is a leading provider of custom silicone molding production services With a focus on precision and quality, we offer comprehensive solutions for silicone parts molding. Our in-depth understanding of silicone material properties and expertise in various molding technologies allow us to deliver timely andeffective solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our silicone molding production capabilities encompass a wide range of methods, ensuring versatility and flexibility. Partner with grow-sillicone for top-notch silicone molding production, backed by years of experience and a commitment to excellence.

    Silicone Branding Services

    We offer professional silicone branding customization services, assisting clients in creating unique and appealing brand identities. With a deep understanding of the importance of branding in the market, we are committed to providing customized silicone products to meet clients’ brand needs and market positioning.

    Our silicone branding customization services include

    -Embossed/Debossed Logos
    – Logo Printing
    – Laser Etching or Engraving Logos
    – Liquid Silicone Injection Molding for Logos

    By choosing our silicone branding customization services, you will receive professional support and excellent brand solutions. We will help you create standout silicone products that differentiate your brand in the market, garnering customer appreciation and trust.


    Packaging & Fulfillment

    We have built strong partnerships with packing component suppliers and shipping carriers, enabling us to offer tailored packaging solutions that meet your specific requirements and budget. Whether it’s packing boxes, label tags, bags, or other packaging materials, we provide customization options to enhance your brand presence.

    For your convenience, we collaborate with reliable logistic companies to ensure the safe and timely delivery of your products to international markets. Our shipping services cover sea, air, and express options, allowing you to choose the most suitable method for your needs. Additionally, we offer direct shipping to Amazon FBA, streamlining your distribution process.

    Trust us to handle your packaging and shipping needs with utmost care andefficiency, so you can focus on expanding your business globally.

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